''Learning to live in and with nature''

Reconnecting with nature

Most people today have little knowledge about nature compared to our ancestors. Although we are still largely dependent on nature, we are little aware of it on a micro level due to industrialization, globalization and specialization of society.

Because of this separation, many will experience an alienation from nature. Which in turn often leads to neglection of nature.

Through bushcraft I try let people experience their connection with nature again. 

What is bushcraft?

Bushcraft is about living in and with nature.

It’s about learning to live in the nature with only a few tools. Instead, you need a broad base of knowledge and skills to survive and thrive. 

Because you only use a few tools, and because you are much more directly dependent on nature than usual, you will deepen your connection with nature. You will learn the importance of taking good care of your environment so that you can continue to thrive with it in the long term.

A natural medicine

In addition to the physical aspect of brushcraft, nature is also of great value to man on an emotional level.

By being in nature one often comes to rest, away from the busy contemporary life.

It reduces stress and improves your concentration and memory. It has a positive influence on depression and makes us feel happier.

It is not surprising that nature has a healing effect. Our body and mind are evolutionarily attuned to living in nature.

Experience it

If you are interested, you can book a workshop with us.

In a workshop we go into nature to learn a variety of skills related to bushcraft, such as: making fire, seeking and purifying water, collecting and preparing wild edible plants, etc. We also pay attention to the emotional benefits that nature can offer.

This can be for a few hours, a whole day or even several days with overnight stays.

Together we will tailor a suitable program according to your wishes.

For more information or prices please contact us.

Reimbursement on a donation basis with a starting amount of 290,40 euros including VAT per day (incl. reusable materials, excl. additional material costs and travel costs of 19 cents per km).

What others say

”Thijs is enthusiastic and knows how to enthuse a group of young people for his passion. He responds to the differences in knowledge in the group. This keeps it fun and challenging for everyone. We learned a lot during his workshop!”

Femke | Inside Out Sports – General Workshop

”Thijs gives a fun, interactive workshop. He knows how to find many different plants and trees and talks about the applications with great enthusiasm. You can taste delicious afterwards!”

Participant – Wild picking workshop

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